I’m here… With myself!!

May be you were right, may be I was lonely…

I’m here, at my desk, tabbing the keyboard like I know where it will take me. The colleagues pretend that they know me & are with me. But they aren’t even close to being in the vicinity of knowing me!

I’m here, at my place, waiting for the sun to go down & present me a lovely morning light once and for all.

I’m here, with office gang, raving up the night at a pub, rock music playing & booties flowing!! Something irks from within, that someone’s missing..

I’m here, riding my bike, knowing that I can’t break the shackles & ride ON!!

This is a new place, new faces, new vibes & new commitments. I have to like it to live it!! But..

I’m here, lonely…

Miss you mom dad, friends & my city…

Live in peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

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