Escape to the hills

Been a long time, but I finally managed to take my ride to Nilgiris. Ooty Invasion Ride was something I had in mind for so long, probably since I came to Bangalore back in 2011. Though weekend rides to Nandi Hills have been there however, riding to a distant unknown land was always on my to-do list.

No words are enough to describe the exact feeling of riding on the well-laid roads on those hills, with lush green pine trees gazing you alongside. The amazement of riding down the hill, making my way through the subtropical forest region of Mudumalai National Park is unexplainable. Plus commuting on the streets of Ooty was always fun.

Thanks Srikanth, Sonu & Vinay for accompanying me for the ride. I hope you guys had a fun time, coz I sure as hell had a great time! Click here for the travelogue.

Gotta ride more frequently, have something on my mind. Till next time folks.

Live in peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

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