My Way Of Work Life Balance

Here’s the winning entry for Article Writing Competition at my workplace. God I enjoyed scribbling this one.


“Gosh, I’m in first shift & it’s already 05:45 AM”, this is something I usually end up blabbering every morning while I snooze my alarm clock & promise not to repeat this again. No wonder I take the same oath the very next morning too. Although work schedule has tightened the knot a little too much, I manage my day pretty comfortably. Personal interests, desires, commitments & responsibilities along with official tasks & commitments, are a good mix to live with.

Hasty breakfast, swift commute to work, living it up with the tasks assigned for the day, having good food of course & considering myself as a part of a cooperative environment, sums up my average day at work. One always complains that the work timings interfere with their personal engagements, however, if we manage our schedule so as to avoid ending up with a pit-fall with unfulfilled commitments, there’d be no maydays. Friend’s birthday party or a presentation at work, health check-up or an important client call, desired career path or the assigned work profile. Questions are many & at times, unanswerable. The Work Life Balance equation is complicated but not as much as we perceive. It has got its own complex variables pertaining to family, friends, career & health. We just have to find our way around them.

“You were supposed to get this job done yesterday itself; I haven’t seen the status report yet. What on earth do you think you are doing?” Manager yells at you while you seep through your to-do list for the day. These instances are common if we propel our commitments in a casual manner. Who wouldn’t want to be appreciated for a job well done & in time?

For a working class individual, striking the balance between his official & personal life is one whale of a job. “What if I lose out on something important at work? My team lead is going to ground me.” “Alas! It’s my cousin’s wedding & there’s a pending presentation on my computer screen that’s going to take forever to complete.” Such moments find place in everyone’s life sometime or the other. I’d say time management is the key to this conundrum.

How often is it that we feel proud to have gone through the day & everything went as per the plan? Not very often, to be very honest. However, every cloud has a silver lining. One can always plan things, official or personal, in order to maintain peace with his schedule & ending up with a day well spent. The riddle is how we manage tasks which are confirmed to be jarring. Prioritization shall prove to be the saviour in such instances. Setting priorities based on urgency & importance of tasks may go a long way in striking a work life balance.

Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work ~ Gustave Flaubert

I’ve managed to classify commitments in four categories based on urgency & importance:

  • Urgent and Important
  • Urgent and Not Important
  • Important and Not Urgent
  • Not Important and Not Urgent

And believe me; this has benefited me immensely as far as meeting up with the official & personal challenges is concerned. Needless to say, this approach has to be followed in your official & personal lives separately. Should you choose to blend your personal priorities with official ones & accidently rated your work as Not Important, you might end up losing your job, discreetly speaking. Following this approach & working over deadlines is an exciting & productive experience. Moreover, it’s a self-satisfactory incline to avoid disturbance in your work life balance equation.

Once we have prioritized our tasks at work, we must use the same variables to schedule our personal calendar. This will allow us to ring-fence our attention for the instance & we shall avoid being knocked off by distractions. However, this doesn’t mean we should take more load than we can handle. Setting priorities has a plethora of considerations to be taken care of, such as, is the time provided ample enough to get the work done? One should make it a practice to interpret the Work-Time complexity.

Talk about me, when the time is not enough, I don’t resume a task or try to take up some part of it to match my clock. And when it’s enough, I deliver timely & quality results. Along with, I give my family & friends, the time & attention they deserve. I seldom faced a challenge where I had to jeopardize any of my personal commitments due to work priorities & vice versa. It’s just a brisk of time & priority management, which paves the way for me almost all the time. After all who wants to mess up with the equation & end up with a never-ending to-do list!! Needless to say, we’ve got a family at home & a team at work. We must choose to live it up peacefully with them without compromising the freedom & responsibility at both ends.

To wrap it up, here’s an excerpt from a popular song by a famous rock band, Greenday,
“A working class hero is something to be…”

Live in peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)


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