My Spell Down South

Bangalore… The full-of-life city where I spent almost three years of my life, got my first job, lived away from home for the first time & got to know the other side of life in some way. A home away from home would be an understatement. The colorful city welcomed me in strange ways & made it hard enough to cope up. However, in the end it didn’t matter, coz it was my own choice to move in. Full marks to the awesome weather 😉

I wasn’t really an outgoing folk when it came to living away from home, never wanted to leave my loved ones & live on my own. Guess all of us have to do it sometime or the other in our lives. I’d crave for getting back home even when I visited my relatives, no wonder I spent 6-7 months at a stretch just to even see my parents. Time teaches you in strange ways.

I have some confessions for the City of Gardens. I hated it there, but then it was home so I fell for it soon enough. Met new people, loved new faces, lost some of them dear ones too but in the end, it was all a fortunate set up. I had to learn it the hard way & that’s exactly how I met life there. I had a great time witnessing the independent side of life, the careless chatters & unending fun with buddies. Needless to say, I had a whale of a time with the ecstatic & flamboyant nightlife. Getting along with people from different backgrounds & values was the most fruitful experience. Now I see both sides of the coin & judge better.

Dear Bangalore, thanks for acquainting me with real face of life I was craving to mingle with. You hold a special place in my heart & I’d return to pay my regards, but in time. Meanwhile I have a humongous task to get back to life here in my hometown with my family & friends. Will take time but I’ll be back with the same enthusiasm & craving for freedom. Life’s tough, but then, this is what I chose for myself. Here’s to Bangalore… My spell down south has been worthy. Thanks to those who made it worth spending quality time there & no hard feelings for those who left no stone unturned to disturb the balance of life. It’s because of you that I learnt the hard way. Greetings to all my Kannadiga folks.

Live in Peace,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

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