Look what I found!

I enjoyed collecting things as a kid. Still manage to continue this passion! Only difference being, stuff that I used to collect then, wasn’t necessarily useful to me. And now with the scheme of things, my behavior has taken the sensible route. I hardly keep up with things that trigger the child in me or amaze me. Such a pity, we don’t find time for things that bring smile our faces too often.

Well this afternoon, I wasn’t reaching for something in particular. Just out-of-the-blues, I decided to dig into my old cupboard & surf through some of my collectibles. And to my surprise, I found my smile back for a while. The cardboard box that used to be my hideous friend back in school, was lifelessly lying in one corner of the old cupboard. Strangely, I hardly noticed it in years. I used to keep my favorite game CDs, diaries, stationary, posters, scale models & much more hideously in that box. And today, I look at it as if I discovered some sort of treasure. Honestly, this stuff is no less than treasure to me.

I firmly removed the old slimy duct tape that was holding on for years the memories I had left behind. Here’s what I found:

  • My 10th standard Progress Report. I had preserved it! My class teacher, while handing this over to my mother, told her that I had done great & she was proud to have been my mathematics teacher. Undoubtedly, it was the first time someone praised this study-hard-or-you’ll-fail kid in front of his mother. Precious!
  • The Oxford Minidictionary (1992 edition). This was my first pocket dictionary my uncle got me when I was just 6. Didn’t even know what & how to look up for in a dictionary then. I kept it close, it was the only dictionary I had throughout school. It could always be found lying in my school bag’s front pocket!
  • A gel pen with NIIT imprinted on it. I got this as a reward for excellence in a computer course program at NIIT back in 2002. No wonder I never tried writing with it, it was just too special to a 15 year old.
  • This one’s good! I found my birth certificate, hiding in a file full of photocopies of my academic certificates. Valuable! coz it’s the only document that has my birth place’s name on it. Reminds me of my roots.
  • Admit card to 10th standard CBSE exams. Has got my worst passport-sized photo ever!
  • 9th standard English Literature notebook of a girl I used to have a crush on. If she’s reading this, she knows it!
  • My drawing book! Often referred to as my most-priced-possession from school. Going through it I realized I was not that bad at sketching. No wonder, I’ve got “very good” remarks on almost all pages. Still remember my drawing teacher’s compliments & love for my work.
  • A greeting card from a school friend saying “Thanks for being my friend”.
  • My first ever valentine’s day card from 8th standard & an almost dead red rose. Couldn’t imagine I still had it resting in peace in my old diary.
  • A political map of India showing tropical forest areas. Like I care now.
  • A friendship day yellow rose with her name written on it in blue ink. 2004 was totally classy!
  • Raakhi (related to raksha-bandhan) from class 10th. I had a crush on her, proposed her in some cute way & this is what I got in return. Nevermind, continue reading.
  • A newspaper cutting from the year 2001 when our school’s basketball team won the zonal tournament. Memorable days.
  • A couple of Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s. They age back to 2001 I suppose. Treasure stuff.
  • 11th standard farewell photograph. Full house & some freak has his hand covering my face, so I’m invisible.
  • Entry tickets to my first visit to Auto-Expo in 2006.
  • A graph book. This is disturbing. Whenever I needed a graph, I had to beg my classmates for it. And here it is, a full pack of shining green graphs. Why!
  • This one is from stone-age I guess! An audio cassette of a Bollywood movie. No wonder it was Hrithik’s debut movie & I was a fan. Tried wooing some girls with the movie’s music as well, didn’t work. Ciao!
  • A friendship band. Can’t recall who was it from.
  • Certificate of appreciation from 3rd standard, 1996. I placed 3rd in a shoe-race, still remember I didn’t qualify as I didn’t tie the shoe-laces properly. However, I just made a cute face & it was enough to get me through the qualifiers. Confession.
  • My 4th standard school diary. And the first page I opened, had a note to mother saying, “Rahul disturbs his classmates often. And please make sure he does his homework on time”. I lost a week’s playtime coz of this note. Revenge awaits teacher!
  • A test score from class 7. Don’t bother the marks I got, didn’t pass for sure. Just had to copy my father’s signature. I ran this play all the time folks!
  • A greeting card. Well it’s a long story. But all I can say is, it was a sister’s day card that I gave to a girl who liked me. Evil mind, I knew it would freak her out. Wondering why I still have it, coz she threw it on my face in front of the whole class. We were rockstars back then!
  • Hayabusa scale model. I saved for weeks to buy that one!
  • And last but certainly no the least, a bag full of all kinds of pens one can think of. Precisely, not a single one of them works today. Collection is hobby, regardless of functionality.

I wonder why I jotted down all this. Then I ask myself why I even bothered looking for these things. Well the point is, we have a life that seldom gives a chance to enchant & travel down the memory lane. I just took time to cherish what I had preserved for years, and guess what, I smiled for hours. Priceless!

Remembering the times,

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

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