27 forever

Are you 27? And a guy, ambitious, with an immature career & motivation scaling heights within you? Your family looks at you as a responsible man, who’ll compromise every bit of himself to sign a peace agreement with the embodiment called life? If yes, this piece here is worth your time & thought. Not like you had anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon!

So I’m 27 now. And in line with the catastrophic truth of universe, I’m in a conundrum of deciding what’s next for me. The world’s economic & social crisis is looking to impend on me with the hard-hitting face of reality. Plus, my folks want me to get married. I mean how much more delusional could be! I haven’t figured what to do with my life yet & worldly relations have already set their strategy against my completely-called-for independent era. That’s not done.

I sit here in my room on a hot Sunday afternoon & wonder if I’ve reached my destination of eternal settlement with life. On a second thought, I wonder if I even had such agreement? It’s disturbing to think what’s lost or what’s not achieved, instead, I’d better think of the chances I can still pull off. Here’s what would be happening around you if you are 27, socially unacceptable (discreetly speaking), in an early-life crisis & looking for more:

  • You are a weirdo! At least that’s the only thing you’ve heard about yourself lately.
  • Your friends don’t call you much coz they think you are a bummer. Except, what are you gonna talk about, body flab?
  • Only thing your friends wanna talk about is work & money. You used be Mr. Popular back in high-school. Now no one bothers about that!
  • Younger folks seldom gel with you coz you’re too old to hang out with them. Find another group old timer!
  • In the neighborhood, you hang around with an old school pal who’s equally mentally disturbed & abusive to life.
  • At work, you have no option but to holler at married men who are either busy discussing inflating grocery rates among themselves or creepily staring at girls of your age.
  • You don’t feel like mingling with girls as you’ve put on a lot of weight & sound too old.
  • You don’t enjoy partying as you are not as much fun as you used to be. Life happened to you!
  • Parents think you should get married, but seldom they notice you’re still living in a fairy tale, hoping to meet your dream girl someway down the road.
  • You’re riding the subway & don’t fail to notice that no girl notices you. Even in your best attire. Game over pal.
  • Social gatherings make you go bonkers as you feel out of the place.
  • You’ve ignored your health for the sake of making more money day-n-night & now you regret it.
  • You have a passion to follow in life, but don’t know where to start. Newsflash, it took you a decade to decide what you wanted!!!
  • You talk about finding yourself but don’t know who you really are.
  • You recite to yourself that age is just a number, but sub-consciously, you know you’re getting old.
  • Only aim is to make good money, buy a big house down the countryside & travel often.
  • You’ve been a lot stronger but no one asked you if you’re okay!
  • Most importantly, you’ve lost the child in you. Time’s up!

Odds are that I’m gonna get screwed by life at every moment. So why bother & jeopardize what I’ve still got. I shouldn’t let the mischief in my behavior fade away. No matter what life throws at me, I gotta get around it. It is either this motivation, or the realization of the fact that no one gets out alive. It seems I’m at a crossroads, not knowing where to set my course for. I guess the only thing I gotta ask myself is if I’m happy being here or there’s more to life than this. And if there’s more, the best time to start exploring is right now!

The only way out is moving forwards. So find what you’re meant to be. This reminds me to put up this excellent quote by legendary Author & Humorist, Mark Twain,

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Trust me, no one wants to be 27 forever!

Live. Smile. Ride. Find Yourself.

Rahul Arora (blogburner)

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