Paul Walker; Always In Our Hearts

I entered the theater with excitement & walked out with teary eyes. It was a heartfelt experience crowded with silent cries. And with the same heavy heart I jot this down. It’s been more than a year but I still cannot believe it happened. You are an inspiration Paul Walker​; an idol in a true sense. Not only coz of your flamboyant presence onscreen but for the golden heart that you had. You demonstrated love & care for others through Reach Out WorldWide​. To quote Jordana Brewster​’s words, you were pure light.

Just like an average kid, I was awestruck at your style & personality. I still remember buying my first pair of Converse; not coz it was the latest trend in footwear fashion but coz I saw you sporting them in the Fast & Furious movie. You brought the element of racing alive in the Fast movies & it ain’t gonna be the same without you. You were the reason I looked up to the Fast movies so bad. God knows I’d often try walking like you & carry your style. I couldn’t coz there’s only one Paul Walker this world deserves & that’s you buddy.

I appreciate that the Fast family closed the Fast & Furious 7​ movie with a heartfelt tribute to you. Vin Diesel​ rightly mentioned that “No matter where you are, whether it’s a quarter mile away or half way across the world, you’ll always be with me… And you’ll always be my brother.” This reflects your presence in people’s lives. “It’s never goodbye”, this dialogue gave me goosebumps plus my heart melted. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for Vin, Jordana, Michelle Rodriguez​, Tyrese Gibson​ & Ludacris​ to film this scene, despite the endless pain. The movie was an ultimate celebration of your life. You’ll always live in our memories & so will the brotherhood. We will miss you. Thankyou for the great moments!

#ForPaul #AlwaysInOurHearts

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